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Sorry some Nuttz products are out of stock - the honey roasted macadamia has been replaced with a white chocolate slab.  Please note this box is for local delivery only due to the cheese content.

The Entertainer's Box:

Blue Cheese - Hohepa blue approx 100g. Made from cows milk
Danbo Cheese - Hohepa dutch style cheese approx 100g. Made from cows milk
Gluten Free Rice Crackers - Rutherford & Meyer, 120g. Gluten free
Fig, Port & Cardamom Paste - Te Mata Figs, 70g
Dried Figs- Te Mata Figs, 150g
Tamari Almonds - Nuttz, 90g. Gluten free
Hand-crafted Chocolates  -  Chocolate Log from Silky Oak
Pickled Cornichons - Maison & Therese, 210g